Fees for services are as follows:

  • Gifted/Intellectual Assessments -  $300
  •  Achievement Testing as part of the Gifted Assessment  -  $50
  • Specific Learning Disabilities -  $1100 (cash) /1200 (credit)

  • Learning and Attention Deficit Disorder  -  $1200 (cash)/ $1300 (credit)

  • Academic Achievement  -  $175

  • Initial Diagnosis  $600

  • Update an existing diagnosis (must bring verification for previous diagnosis) - $300

  • Initial evaluation with support for academic accommodations - $700

Consultation -

      The initial phone consultation is at no cost.

     In-office consultation and consultation (i.e. IEP meetings) held at locations other than my office (such as school, physician's office, client's home, daycare, preschool, social service agency, etc.) are billed at $100  per hour, with a minimum of one hour billed.


     Payment is due at time service is rendered. 
     Cash, check, Visa and MasterCard are welcome.

     A 3% discount is offered for cash payments for the Learning and Disabilities Assessment.      

    We are not able to accept insurance, but billing statements are provided which may be used to file independently for reimbursement.
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